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Registered Bullying Prevention Program


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Join Requests submitted by Students, Parents & School Staff

Over 600 Join Requests have been sent to Principals

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School Join Requests sent to Schools

[Parent] "A boy committed suicide, from being bullied at our school."

[School Staff] "Our school is in alot of trouble and needs help when it comes to bullying! There are too many children being bullied from verbal to mental to physical abuse. The teaching staff, including the principal does not seem to know how to deal with it properly. In fact the principal seems to be in denial that there is even a bullying problem within the school!"

[Student] "please join this organization! It would help so much better, if this school was more proactive about bullying."
[Other] "I am the RCMP School Liaison for this school and feel this would be a great program for the school"
[School Staff] "please will help make our school a better place."
[Student] "Please I have been serious hurt by a bully to the point I was hospitalized cause of his actions. Please make the school a safe place!"
[Parent] "Principals who are confident will sign up for Stop A Bully as a public demonstration that they care for the kids who are victimized in their school and are willing to do the hard work to stop children bullying as youth so they don't become adult bullies in the future."
[School Staff] "This is a fantastic service.  All students should be aware of this service so that they can have a voice in speaking out against bullying and being bullied."
[Parent] "I think every school in Canada should be a part of this program. Children need a safe place to report bullying!"
[Parent] "As a mum of two very young girls I am so happy to see a site and program like this....with enough of us writing... the schools, administrators, teachers, politicians will listen."
[Student] "Please consider joining this program. Many teens are suffering from bullying everyday, and most of the time they have no one to tell or turn to. Any attempt in minimizing bullying will make a great difference."
[Parent] "I believe this program looks so good for children to feel anonymous and "safe" in reporting bullying behaviour without having to identify themselves. I hope it is seriously considered!"
[Parent] "Despite parent attempts and teacher attempts to stop bullying there appears to be a culture of bullying in our school. We definitely need help to root it out. Today my grade four child was cornered and blocked in the bathroom by a larger grade five child where she was blocked in, threatened and had a coat wiped at her. She was intimidated so much she took hours to tell us.  This is just not the educational experience I want my child to have.  All children should be safe at school."
[Parent] "Please consider joining this great organization.  Our children need to know from an early age that bullying is NOT okay. Even the smallest insignificant comments can affect a child for a lifetime... as a school, a parent, a community.. shouldn't we provide as many resources as we can to eliminate bullying from our childrens future.. starting TODAY!"

[Student] "My school has a lot of bullying. I have been bullied. I have been called names. And this girl that is bullying is not stopping. She stole my phone and stealing money And also stealing jewelry. I think if my school joins. There wont be as much bullying."

[Parent] "It's time to do more than we're doing! Make this a priority!"
[Parent] "I am a concerned parent that had a very happy son going into his grade 7 school year and now find that I have a son with very little self confidence that is talking about suicide. The root of his unhappiness is bullying at school. I think the school needs some assistance in helping the victims as well as curtaining the problem students. This site's tools may help."
[Student] "There are a lot of bullies in the school and it is brought up to the principal but he doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. Being a student at the school, I've talked to other students and they have told me that they go home and cry and I do the same. I think this would help our school a lot."
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[Parent] "please ask students to be respectful of each other not to make others feel excluded by words or body language"
[Parent] "Please join this amazing program ... we need it .. my child's been bullied since kindergarten and now attends grade 11 ... she's struggled her jr and high school years because of bullying. She's suffered emotionally and physically. Please JOIN - we need to take action!"
[Parent] "I think this prevention program is a step in the right direction, helping students who are bullied."
[Student] "My school is a fairly good school. I will be honest, it isn't perfect. I have had experience of being bullied physically and mentally. I want a change. Nothing seems to help but I think that this WILL! Please."
[Parent] "Dear Mr. *** and staff,

Over the next few weeks our company is running a "Don't Be A Victim" campaign. As a challenge we are trying to get as many *** schools to join the "Stop a Bully program". We have talked to a lot of kids from ***, and other *** schools, and they think the program is a great idea. We ask that you have a look, and consider joining."

[Student] "I have been going through 4 years of bullying in my school. We need to get some help to let bullies know it is not ok. Bullying is very bad in our school, everything from name calling, throwing food at people, stealing, nasty notes written on desks and bathroom messages about others and physical bullying."
[Parent] "Please stop the bullies!!"
[Other] "Join and help stop bullying now!"
[Parent] "I think every school should be apart of Stop A Bully. My son has just started kindergarten, and I would like him to never be afraid to speak up about bullying....I feel this organization is the way forward, to help our youth."
[Parent] "My daughter's class has a "popular" girl group who makes every effort to ignore and not include my daughter. Although my daughter is tough on the outside, I know she is hurting inside. These "popular" girls make it very clear that my daughter is inferior to them. What can the school principal do to help my daughter?"
[Other] "My children went to this school last year and 3 of my nieces attend it this year. My son & 1 niece had experienced bullying last year and the Principal was great. I think more kids/parents may have reported this bully if they would have known about this site. Thanks for creating it. I will also be asking the new school that my kids attend to join.  You're a great advocate Mr. Knowlton"
[Parent] My son *** attends grade 2 at ***. Since the beginning of grade 1 he has been bullied by the same child. I feel as if I should step up and do something, not just because my child is going through this but because i know how it feels to be picked on."
[Other] " Several students at *** are bullies in the neighbourhoods where they live. I'm sure you understand what a serious matter this is. We are doing what we can on our end to stop bullying. It's time you took responsibility for your school and take a stance on bullying.  Please join the Stop a Bully program."
[Parent] "My daughter told me about a boy at this school that is being bullied by 3 other boys, to the point that this child now wants to change schools. I asked my daughter if he had told anyone, and she had told me that he had in fact and the although the Principal had "talked" to the boys that were bullying, they have not stopped. I find it shocking that this is still occuring in our schools and feel that no child, should have to endure bullying to the point that they want to change schools."
[Parent] "My daughter started her first day of J/K today. On the ride home a bully who lives across the street from us, told my 5 yr old son that he was going to punch our 4 yr old daughter in the face. Very proud of my son for handling the situation with a kid twice his age."
[Parent] "I think this is a wonderful service that MUST be offered to our students and families of ***"
[School Staff] "Bullying is an issue in all schools and it would be wonderful if we could create a united front to fight this problem. We actively teach and promote anti-bullying in our school."
[School Staff] "As the new school year begins, we are attempting to stop bullying before it starts so we are searching for resources that will help us to do this. This service will be an additional benefit for our students and parents."
[Other] "Female students are being verbally sexually harassed by male students and this needs to be stopped"
[Parent] "best group yet"
[Parent] "My children have been going to this school for over 10 years. The bullying, abusiveness in that school is atrocious and frankly quite embarrassing. My 2nd oldest daughter has graduated from grade 8 there and has struggled with bullies in her class throughout her entire time, from JK on through. What did the teachers do? What did the school do? Ignore the problem, pretend it's just not as bad as what they are being told. When a child co es home from school, crying because of her peers, there is a problem. When a child is making herself physically I'll just to avoid facing another day of battery, there is a problem. When a child screams out "nobody likes me, I just want to kill myself", we have a problem. And when, during a graduation ceremony, the abuser is getting awards for their outstanding character, you have just proven how blind you really want to be. Join Stop A Bully and finally put this none sense to rest. Regain some respect that you very desperately need."
[Parent] "Any opportunity to stop a bully is a great opportunity. It helps the children focus on their education instead of having to stress out about self-preservation. Let's join Stop A Bully!"
[Parent] "Thanks so much for creating this space.. as more kids are online now that on the phone talking this makes so much sense (internet).. I am a mom of a teen being bullied and I want her school to take some action before I remove her.. I have sent you an email about being involved:)"
[Parent] "I have had all 3 of my boys attend this school, and as of next year only one will remain, as the older two have went off to high school. I have heard stories (on both sides at times) of the bullying that takes place both in the school and on the school yard. As a school, they handle most of it very well, but do feel that this program/website would be most beneficial to the staff and students.

I am very anti-bullying and do know how often it occurs and the effect it has on students and the community. By spreading the word maybe one day "bully" will be a word and thing of the past"

[Parent] "This entire town has a problem. I had no idea one place could be so cliquey, and these students are learning from the parents, but the teachers don't step in. Mostly because everybody knows everybody in this town, so they don't want to ruffle feathers. So when new students arrive, they don't stand a chance!"
[Other] "i feel that most bullying in the small town community that i live in is not dealt with just swept under the rug. and our community needs help and are not sure where to turn."
[Parent] "The teacher tells my daughter to talk to the bully herself (without support) at the peace table. A lot of good that will do. The bully doesn't listen to her own mother, why would she listen to my daughter??? And when I have tried to get help from the principal she refers back to the teacher WHO SITS AND DOES NOTHING WHEN MY DAUGHTER IS BULLIED IN THE CLASSROOM!! Why do the bullied children have to leave the school? Because the teachers (and the principal) pretend everything is OK. Maybe your organization can get through to the staff at this school. Lord knows I've tried."
[Staff] "Please have our school join the Stop a Bully, this is a great site."
[Parent] "We need to see verbal attacks as harmful as physical ones. Punished equally."
[Other] "This would benefit *** as it would allow students of *** to have a voice in speaking out against bullying and being bullied."
[Staff] "I have been promoting Anti-bullying for 6 years and this website just came to me . It looks like a great resource."
[Parent] "I have a son that is entering your school next year. He is being being picked on and bullied in elementary school and I know it is only going to get worse in middle school. Please give the kids a chance to be heard without havein gto be seen crying
inside the principal's office - which leads to more harrassment and teasing from the bullies.
[Other] "I have family members who regularly report to me the pervasiveness and severe acts of bullying at ***. The attitude and atmosphere at this school has fostered a culture of indifferent annoyance at hearing children complain about each other. I believe it's time for us to empower our children to speak out for help and to let them know that when they do, the teachers and principal and school staff members will do something about it. Here is a great tool, please realize its value and use it."
[Parent] "This would be a tremendous help for a number of youth who feel their voices are not heard and also to stop the abuse of the bully before (hopefully) it becomes a cycle."
[Other] "I've heard that you're not very proactive with bullying situations or perhaps you don't know where to get the help your students need. I thought I'd send you a starting point and hope that your students (our children, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters and grandchildren)  can feel more secure in your school!"
[Parent] "An excellent site for pro-active responses to bullying in our school district.  Get onside early and show your support for change.  Great support for students."
[Other] "My grandchildren go to this school."
[Student] "I know you mean well with our virtues of the week but I dont think most people care at all its just a word you say every week and most of the time we forget it right away nobody inforces it. We have so many bullys in our school and they are most of the time our "terrific kids" but thats just what they let you see they can be bullys on the playground or in the classroom when nobody is there to see. Most of the time the bullies are the ones who always volunteer for things get fantastic grades always seem to be really nice. We cant always fix our problems on our own if there is a event and it is a thing that keeps going on making us write a paragraph about it and talk it out doesnt change anything they just dont care about what is said about the fantastic school we have or how bully free and hands off we are because the reality is are school is filled with nasty people who do mean things that arent even said to you. You dont do anything for us by talking to us about dont do it again or thats just the way some people are. You dont help solve our problems.  I am being bullied by one of the popular good grade "terrific" students who has friends and appears nice to you."
[Parent] "Lets prove we serious about Bullying. Please let me know if the school needs sponsorship for membership."
[Parent] "I am a parent of four children. Three of which attend *** school. Bullying has been a big issue. Not just with our children but with other students as well. I have been in to the principals office a numerous ammount of times, and the bullying has not stopped. I am close to pulling my children out of this school because I just do not know what to do. Nothing has changed. We need to stand up for our kids and let them know that there is ZERO tollerance for bullying. Not just that you will "have a chat" every time it happens. We need to be proactive and deal with it instead of pushing it aside!! Bullying needs to stop!" 
[Parent] "I think someone should look into this and make it mandatory for all the kids to sign the form. This may help prevent future bullying. It's worth a try. Thank You. A concerned parent." 
[Parent] "I have a son in Grade 5 who is being verbally, emotionally bullied in class and in the school yard.  The teacher has done as much as possible to help.  I think this school should join Stop a Bully in hopes of giving all the students/parents/staff skills in dealing with bullying.  Many thanks." 
[Parent] "Because every child should have access to help." 
[Parent] "Perhaps something for you to consider.  While the school is overly VERY firm about being a few minutes late for class, there seems to be little to no significant action taken in regards to bullying.  For some reason, the victim is asked to avoid the bully rather then then other way around...  Why does (s)he need to hide in fear in their own school?"
[Parents] "Recently the School helped my son with a bullying incident. I saw the poster advertising this site by our school gym. I think our principal is proactive and he takes bullying matters seriously."
[Other] "As *** School covers a large student base for *** and surrounding area, it would be an excellent candidate for such a campaign. As a parent having had two children graduate from ***, my experience suggests they would also be receptive to such a venture. So in summary my request for the principle, staff and parent council, is that they will join such a positive step for all students in their school."
[Other] "I came across your website while looking for information to complete a bullying program for the group home I work in. While looking through the list of schools that are apart of this it disappoints me that no school in my area is. I live in ***, Ontario and last year we had a few youth commit suicide due to bullying. I would have thought the school board would be doing more but I guess not. When I work in a group home of teenage girls who are horrible within the residence for bullying, I get stuck on what to do as we talk about the issue on a daily basis. Thank you for this website and for the work you are doing. "
[Student] "our school need a bully assembly because some students has been bully and no one not doing anything and they are keep on doing it and i been bully for many years"
[Parent] "The school administration, staff and the bullies need to have some accountability for the feeling of safety to all students."
[Parent] "My son has been picked on off and on over the past few years, but this current school year (since September 2011) there has been a definite increase. From name calling to violence, to stealing, my son has had the misfortune of experiencing it all. It kills me to say this but my son has been pushed to the point where his self-esteem is non-existent and he feels that he is worth nothing. This needs to stop and it needs to stop now. We can start blaming whatever we want; video games, movies, TV, whatever, but if we collectively let this continue then we all deserve to own the guilt of any repercussions from bullying. I realize the schools can't do it all themselves all the time. We need to work together to eliminate bullying forever."
[Parent] "I think that our school should be a part of this program. Our kids need to know that bullying is not an acceptable behavior. School is supposed to be a safe environment that the kids can learn in, and not be somewhere they are afraid to be. Please join!!"
[Parent] "This is a growing problem in our society and our schools. Any help that can be offered to kids and schools to deal with these issues in a safe manner is worthwhile"
[Student] "Many of us are doing a bullying research and report paper, and some of us have realized that this is a big problem. It is sad to know that almost over half of teens in the world have been bullied on line, and students like me would like to help stop it."
[Parent] "My daughter has had problems with bulling at our school. I think that more emphasis needs to be put on Stopping the acts before more serious harm is done. My child has anxiety about going to school on a daily basis. She does not see school as a safe place to go and this is very distressing to me."
[Parent] "Had a few comments regarding "bullies" from my 6 year old.  Very concerning."
[Parent] "We should all join this campaign and STOP A BULLY!!!! As a parent of a child that attends *** I hope you encourage our students to participate in spreading such an important message."
[Parent] "I am a parent and my daughter has been bullied by a specific person since Sept 2011.  I have sent 2 reports of bullying to your web site already and I would like the school to be participating on this web site.  I don't know if someone can contact the school and speak to the principal.  They seem to have several issues with bullying and it might do some good for the school to be part of this."
[Parent] "Proactive is better than reactive, kids like to be included, part of a group that makes a difference to others and maybe themselves one day. Top of mind awareness and open conversation can not be a bad thing!"
[Parent] "Any and all resources should be used to stop bullying.  My son is being bullied and is having a hard time of it. He now wants to change schools."
[Parent] "I believe that bullying is a very serious and growing problem. I would like to sponsor a school through this group. I would prefer that it would be the school that my son attends. Thank you."
[Parent] "There is alot of bullying in your school and you as teachers are their to protect these children.  Please join."
[Parent] "This may be helpful to some of the children whom are being bullied."
[Parent] "Every school in our community needs to join this program not just say they are apart of the "anti bully".  This is a serious topic kids need to know this is not a joke children as young as 10 is committing suicides.  Parents Teachers need to know how to deal with bullying and not just a suspension as that can worsen the matter students need to know how serious this is.  please join this program, let students parents and community know that *** is serious about the "anti bullying"."
[School Staff] "Bullying is a very important issue at each and every school. It has been this way forever. As indicated and studied by a multitude of highly regarded professionals,teachers, etc.....I myself, through my employment as a support worker witness bullying as a regular daily occurance. It has been the same in every school I have worked. Lets face the facts, bullying is everywhere. It is more than ever becoming a life and death situation. I look forward to learning more about your program. Our community as a whole must get on board so to speak."
[Parent] "We need to ensure a safe and healthy school atmosphere for all our children."
[Other] "The son of my mom's close friend attends this school and has confessed that he was a victim of a bully. I find that kids are willing to share more feelings with their friends than with their parents, and I believe by having the school join this campaign, it would spread from kid to kid and not only enlighten them, but it would also promote an educational and safe atmosphere for the young ones. They would then, hopefully, learn from it and use this knowledge as they grow older."
[Parent] "My kids are still young but there are signs everywhere in regards to bullying. It can't hurt to inform parents and kids and support them if they need it."
[School Staff] "This program might help the students deal with their bullying issues in and out of school."
[Student] "I was bullied a lot at your school. I could get my bullies back for bullying me throughout my high school experience but im a far better person. There is no room for people to get bullied. We are all equal and the same, and teens children need to be taught that."
[Parent] "Too many bullies of varying degrees are at this school.  The teenagers are getting away with it because the students who are being bullied are afraid to speak up. Let's stand up for the students who are tired of the Bullies!"
[Parent] "I think that it would be a wonderful initiative for our school to be part of a proactive program like this. Our kids need to know that we care about what school may be like for them.  This is a wonderful resource not just for kids, but also for parents. I strongly believe that bullying is a concern for all schools, and all schools need as many proactive supports to help our kids as possible. There can never be too many anti-bullying measures.  I encourage you to please take the time to look over this program, get the information and join for our school...and for your students."
[Student] "Just really want to join this cause."
[Parent] "Bullying (intimidation) is rampant within the 3rd grade. We need to help provide resources to ALL the children, parents and teachers involved while the kids still young enough."
[Student] "I hear derogatory language daily throughout the halls, and I'm continuing my efforts to end bullying in schools to make the school a safer place for all to enjoy."
[Parent] "The school is taking bullying serious however my child has been crushed emotionally. In four short months since moving to *** he has become a stranger to us and scared to go to school. I think that participating in a program would help the school achieve there goal of a bully free zone and a safe haven for all."
[Student] "Bonjour je m'appelle *** et je suis le Premier Ministre de notre conseil d'élèves à ***. Cette année je veux essayer d'éliminer le taxage de mon école. On à déjà fait signer une proclamation par la maire de *** qui dit que la ville nous support dans notre campagne contre le taxage et ont était le 1e école en Ontario de faire cela. On a aussi commencé un groupe de LGBT fierté qui comprend des homo et hétérosexuelles qui lutte contre le taxage des gens LGBT.  Cependant, pour s'assurer le succès de notre projet on besoin le support de différent groups comme le tien. Sa nous ferait bien d'être un partie de Stop A Bully."
[Parent] "I am a parent and a substitute teacher in the *** School Division.  I know the teachers and staff here are committed to helping these kids and report incidents we witness, but I also believe we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg.  I hear too many stories of kids being tormented everyday.  It's so frustrating; our hands are tied in many ways- these bullies get suspended, then come right back and continue on. I'm hoping this program can help our school."
[Student] "I see bullying happening everyday at my school it even happens to me i can deal with but not everyone can I want to end bullying world wide not just in Canada."
[Parent] "Join this program - I will speaking about this program to the Parent council in the New Year at *** School."
[Other] "A girl is being bullied by her peers, and the teacher say it isn't her concern, and the principal won't help. Something needs to be done."
[Parent] "My daughter is 10 and has been bullied for the last 2 years now. We were lucky and moved last year and had to change schools.  Unfortunately so did one of the children involved in her torment and ended up in her class at this new school. Yesterday was the final straw for me as a parent.  The child in question created a thing called "*** touch" which basically put the fear of leprosy in the children in her class each time they passed or touched her.  The teacher did catch it and detentions were given out but no notice was given to the parents.  There is also another child who has been ordered to stay 20 ft away from *** but every chance he gets he insults or torments her.  He told her he was being "trained" by one of the boys he plays hockey with from her old school.  Apparently being egged on by him to continue the torture that *** endured last year. I am heartbroken.  I see the news and my heart is aching for the mother of the 15 yr old girl who took her life 2 weeks ago in ***.  I am so afraid in a few years time to know that heartache first hand. I have contacted the RCMP asking for a member from the community policing office to come and speak to the class.  I just want it to end. Please help!"
[Parent] "My daughter has been continously bullied for the last 2 years and upon changing schools this year, had some hope of a new begining. Unfortunately one of those people has also transfered and has created more bullies in my daughters class.  SHe is repeatedly called fat-tormented and made to feel awful about herself.  One of the children is even supposedly being "trained" in his words-"
[Parent] "I have a young cousin who is being bullied at this school. It has become physical. This matter(bullying) is not being taken seriously enough. This school needs help."
[Parent] "I am a GrandMother of a student attending your school in grade 5 French Immerson. My heart aches for what happens to her on a frequent basis and I am determined not to loose my precious Granddaughter to this horouble practice.  Her Mother and I could use all the support we can get concerning this epidemic and we are asking for your HELP.  It takes a village to raise a child and we respectfully ask that you be a part of our village. This web site is a start and you may have already heard of it, but I thought it was worth sharing.  I would like to know what policies/practices are in place to help students and parents dealing with bullying. I would appreciate knowing how student complaints are handled and do parents of both parties get notified."
[Parent] "Bullying is on the rise in my children's school"
[Parent] "we are working at preventing bullying in our school. An Anti-bullying committee has just been set up."
[Parent] "Please join and include a link on your website for students and parents.  This tool will give the school more leverage in dealing with bullies.  The *** School board needs significant improvement on high school completion rates anyway.  Creating a safer learning environment is a first step."
[Parent] "This will surely help the children that are currently being bullied. Please protect our children when they are in your care."
[Student] "Two girls from this school that are in grade 8 have been doing a lot. They did an activity with all the classes, they got them to crumple up a piece of paper then try to unfold it as best as they could. After that they told them to look at the paper, and that no matter how hard they tried to fix it, it was never going to be the same, which is exactly like a victim of bullying. They also have a speech, and are presenting it at *** for two classes."
[Parent] "it is getting worse kids dying because of bullying.  it is so sad. my daughter and her friend want to start a club against bullying."
[Student] "We are studying Bullying and our homework was to print off advertisements and I came across this website. I think it would be a GREAT idea to join this program."
[Parent] "My daughter is being bullied by a boy in her class. They are both in grade 5 at this school. Please help this school understand and identify bullying behaviour so that they can address and get help for the students involved."
[Parent] "I feel the younger the better. My son attends this school and I always talk to him about bullying. It would be great if the school was on the same page."
[Parent] "I am concerned with the bullying in the school and do not believe that anything is being done about it this program looks like it could be a benefit to your school as I have children that go there myself"
[Parent] "the pledge to end bullying begins next week and adding Stop A Bully will extend our commitment to the pledge."
[Parent] "2 many of them at this school"
[Parent] "I have 4 children ranging in age from 3 - 14.  My daughter (14) was bullied at her highschool just last year, but the school dealt with it.  The elementary school that my younger ones go to, I don't believe there is anything in place other than wearing pink on anti-bullying day.  I believe that the children at the elementary age need to know that a bully is someone just like them only mean!  I don't know how the principal will feel about this, but I feel that since my child is a victim I need to do more to help prevent it from happening to anymore of my children or someone elses."
[Parent] "My son has been bullied most of his school life. I saw this website by visiting ***'s website today after the lastest bullying incident at ***. Hoping *** School teachers will be able to learn or get a refresher on what to do when a student is bullied instead of walking away or ignoring it."
[Parent] "The lack of support to students being bullied at this school is sad.  Staff tell victims to keep quiet or the bullying will get worse.  i was glad my child decided to leave this school and city to get away from the bully problem and the public school staff that enables them."
[Student] "Hi, my name is *** and i know almost half our school gets bullied once a day. It's either gossiping for the girls or actually physical violence. I saw this happen: So please help our school stop the bullies."
[Parent] "PLEASE Stop the bullying that is going on at *** school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is very bad at this school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
[Parent] "please come to this many students are dropping out because of the bullying ,,the students dont know how to deal with it or stop it"
[Parent] "Every school has a bullying problem and faculty may not know the impact bullying has on a child. I attended this school 9 years ago and I was bullied. I went to highschool that was out of the schools region so I didnt have to face the same people who made my last 2 years of elementary school terrible. I ask that this school be involved becasue of my personal experience but I would love to see EVERY school involved."
[Student] "So many people have committed suicide here. Needs to stop."
[Parent] "As a parent of a student being bullied would like the school to join in order to help the students and staff  learn more effective ways to deal with bullies."
[Parent] "Our school needs this program."
[Parent] "Bullying is happening in younger grades already (Grades 6,5,4 etc)"
[School Staff] "If a student has experienced bullying, they need to have a safe place to share their stories!"
[School Staff] "We would be love to become a member of such an important program."
[Parent] "I wish each school in the *** district would get an anti-bullying plan. Talking to students, parents, suspension...isn't enough. We need positive actions so it doesn't happen anymore but in this town its bad for kids drinking, smoking, using pot, fighting, talking about having sex...I'd like it if all schools would join a program that works. That does something other than the obvious and suspension would just make a kid to want to do it again and more. That is not a positive result."
[Parent] "Come on ***!  Join the fight!!"
[Parent] "Please consider joining this program.  Thank you."
[Student] "theres things going on in the school, and theres nothing done.."
[Parent] "Please join and stop bullying in your school."
[Parent] "I am a mother very concerned about the welfare of their children and want this to arrive at a solution without problem."
[Parent] "There is bully going on at this school and it seems like the teachers and principle do not have adequate experience to deal with it. This might help them solve the issues in school!!!"
[Parent] "I am a former student a ***.  While I really wasn't bullied a lot at ***, I did experience it there and frequently at other schools.  I would like to see *** join those of us fighting bullying."
[Parent] "with the school year under way, please show your support in this program to parents and students"
[Parent] "My daughter has come home and discussed bullying at school. The school needs to be better educated on bullying and the fact that it is not ok, either by another student or by a TEACHER!"
[Parent] "bullying is becoming a bigger problem in todays schools. More support is needed from the school, principal and teachers. Kids are killing themselves. . . . . lets help the children."
[Parent] "please stop the bullies from hurting our kids!!!!!!!"
[Parent] "This school needs this program! Really!  Please join."
[Parent] "My son was bullied through the whole school year last year & there was also other bullying incidents going on with other students, a few cases were never reported on the news. I think it would be good to have your program come in and talk to the students more than once thoughout the school year to get the message across. Thank you."
[Parent] "School management lack the knowledge of enforcing zero tolerance ... there are signs everywhere but teachers nor the principle of the school action on bullying cases.. no matter how much kids and parent complain.. this needs to stop before a kid kills him/herself."
[Brother] "My 11 year old brother attends *** in *** and has an issue with being bullied. He has gotten to the point where he fakes being sick, cries when he has to go to school & wants to switch schools altogether. We have gone to teachers, & principals multiple times but sometimes it just isn't enough. I think this is a great system & could change a lot when it comes to dealing with bullying & more needs to be done starting now."
[Parent] "Please join the mission to crack down on bullying and stand up for those who can not."
[Parent] "My youngest daughter was bullied in this school, and I would like to see more action taken to stop bullying as I was not satisified with the actions taken in the past."
[Other] "I'm a former student two years ago at *** and i've seen fights occur at this school. i'm trying to stop this from happening. please make a difference"
[Other] "My grandson is being bullied because of his hairstyle,which he really likes! My daughter,his sisters & myself have saw this with our own eyes!"
[Parent] "My daughter had an extremely hard time in this school as well as the home school she was sent to after *** School. I feel the administration didn't do enough about the matter & preferred to blame her for the bullying she had to endure. They even suspended her for defending herself."
[Parent] "My daughter has been bullied all her life. As well as being a target for bullies she has no friends."
[Other] "The bullying I suffered on a daily basis in that school almost killed me as an adult later on in life.  I suffer from severe depression and i smashed my car in a transport.  my depression was started and agrevated in the 4 yrs that i spent in that school.  My parents would not let me change schools and on a daily basis i was told how ugly and fat I was to the point of me being pregnant in grade 12 and having my baby threathened to be killed.  Bullying needs to stop and it needs to stop fast.  My son was also bullied my one and only wish as a parent was that my children would not suffer what I did; but unfortunately he did and worst then what I did; and when finally he had enough; being ganged on by 6 kids he used his tae kwon doe skill for self defence and the school called his dojo had him kicked out and suspended him for using deadly force on other children; while they were well aware that he was being bullied; and guess what that has left him with emotional scars also; and he is stuck with depression also."
[Other] "A member of my family is being bullied at this school for a third year in a row.  The school officials are willing to listen, but seem to think things aren't that bad.  They are, and its a shame that kids are embarrassed to say so.  Although I am not the parent, I have been to the school during recess and saw with my own eyes what this bully's behavior is doing to him.  If this school could adapt an actual bullying policy that deals with the identified bully's actions and behavior, rather than trying their ideas, I am hopeful the bully, and other kids that follow him because they are also scared, would have to change or face consequences!"
[Other] "Bullying Hurts!  Stand up and help the victims of Bullying! Stop Bullying immediately! Be aware what bullying does to the victim!"
[Parent] "A boy committed suicide, from being bullied at our school."
[School Staff] "This is a fantastic service.  All students should be aware of this service so that they can have a voice in speaking out against bullying and being bullied."
[Grandparent] "I am the grandparent of a student who was bullied last year at your school. I have just heard of this program, and think it would certainly be beneficial to adopt."
[Other] "Every school sees bullying and this would be a positive tool and resource for students to be aware of. Anti-bullying campaigns and talking about the negative effect bullying can have is crucial."
[Parent] "This school is full of activity that is unaccepable and needs to be dealt with. Kids speak daily about picking on students and cyber bullying in the halls as though it was an every day thing like eating. This is a crime and its time to make it stop."
[Parent] "Need a way to hold schools accountable for reports of bullying. My oldest child reported to the school principal that his youngest brother was being bullied.  Nothing was done and we were not told despite repeated meetings with the school to try and understand your child's behavior issues."
[Parent] "Every school should belong to this site!"
[Parent] "One of the worst schools in the area for bully according to many students who go there."
[Parent] "This is an important issue and *** is a good school.  I went there and I want you to be a leader in the community by setting high standards of what is expected of students.  You are their last stop before they enter the real world. Give them the tools to become caring adults who care about the world and humanity...not trying to destroy it one person at a time. Join and be a leader in ***...take a stand."
[Parent] "I think it would be a great opportunity if this school where to join this site in order to make it a safer school for mine and every other parents child/children. my son has been bullied at school on the playground and when he told the supervisors nothing was done to prevent this other than to have my son miss his recess and go into a lunch program. In this program all he did was eat lunch and play, there was no talking to help him out and nothing was done for the kids who where bullying him. please contact this school. i think it would be great."
[Student] "I was amazed when I saw that *** had declined the request sent to them on ***...that is why it is one of our duties as Catholics to end this criminal offense..."
[Parent] "my son has nothing but bully trouble at this school there needs to be something done about it"
[Parent] "This is a great program, one where the students or staff report a bullying occurrence without the fear of becoming a target themselves if *** is truly anti bullying they will show their students, their families & their staff that they stand behind this statement by signing up for this program if they continue to ignore or decline this request then it will show their true colors."
[Parent] "I think all schools should be apart of this including the Catholic schools it will give students, staff and parents a safe place to report bullying even if you think it doesn't happen at your school it does, and if your school district truly believes in the zero tolerance for bullying than sign up if you don't then we'll know where you really stand on the subject!"
[Parent] "I believe that there is a major bullying problem at this school. My daughter gets bullied and I know of other kids there that also get bullied."
[Parent] "I feel sad, angry, and confused that our school don't take bullying seriously, and I'm definitely speaking from experience I won't go into detail because i don't have the time to write a book. The school board took great measures to write the school rules, if you break them so forth. It amazes me that in the booklet it does not state if a child is being bullied by a teacher, what steps do the student or the parent take. I'm fortunate to know the steps, and I know what steps to take for my daughter who was bullied. I'm in the process, this is for all the students in our school who are being bullied. WE WILL TAKE A STAND AND I HOPE THEY DO TO."
[Parent] "I believe this program looks so good for children to feel anonymous and "safe" in reporting bullying behaviour without having to identify themselves. I hope it is seriously considered!"
[Student] "I was amazed not to see my school on this list. We are definitely a bully-free zone so why are we not on the list of schools who are taking a stand?"
[School Staff] "Like most schools, we have quite a few bullying issues. However, it's really become a topic of interest now that we have kids asking for a 0 tolerance policy put in place. They have also requested to have their classes spoken to on the topic. They feel that some of the bullying has become a concern and they want help/support in addressing the manner. We are unofficially a 0 tolerance school for bullying, but I would love to have our school part of this program to make it more official, plus to help spread the message against bullying in all forms."
[Parent] "I think this would be a great program for *** to take part in!"
[Parent] "This program would be a great idea for all students involved in and afraid of bullying as a safe non-judgmental way to alert an adult without feeling vulnerable."
[Parent] "I've seen more Supervisors on duty at McDonald's Restaurant than at the chaos that's called Recess!"
[Parent] "I think this is a wonderful program to have in every school. It helps students feel that they are not alone and that they can turn to someone for help."
[Parent] "At this school, the students are not too bad but there is still bullying going on. When my son was in grade 2, he was a victim and was bullied by a grade 7 boy. Children should not be afraid of going to school. They should feel proud.  Every school should be interested in some type of bullying program and I think this is a great one."
[Parent] "Like so many other schools, bullying is an ongoing issue at *** School. One cannot simply say that it doesn't exist at this school, as has been said by the previous principal. Such a statement is naive and similar to saying that all children learn in the same manner. Our educators cannot eradicate bullying, but must play a part with zero tolerance toward it. If left unchecked, bullying can destroy lives. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke."
[Student] "Hello, my name is *** and I am a grade 10 student at *** high school. I'm doing an anti-bullying speech about your program and I have learned some really great things here and would like my school to be informed with this program and I think it would help our school a lot! Thank you very much!"
[Parent] "Bullying is Not just something kids do. It is very hurtful, not all bullying is resulted in physical harm, emotional harm is very scaring. It hurts to feel that no one likes you, nothing you do is right, everyday there will be something, to question yourself - Am I special? Or are they right. To be teased about everything no matter what you do or how you react. (The bus system is really bad for bullying too.)"
[Parent] "My daughter is a victim of bullying in her school.

She is excluded from groups of "friends", teased, and is feeling the effects of this emotionally.

She has only recently gained the courage to speak up about this to me, even through I know it has been on her mind for some time now, as she felt that she would be centred out at school if I were to take any action against this.

My goal is to find effective ways to raise awareness of the types of behaviours that need to stop, and to teach the children not affected, and not involved to care for, help avoid, and stand up for each other when their peers are affected.

I have implemented my own family plan consisting of siblings helping siblings remove themselves from the situation, and not giving the bullies the satisfaction of getting the best of their victims through their reactions, as well as forming their own groups of friends that don't participate in these acts, whereby this would teach these bullying offenders that they will lose friends once they all ignore their taunts, find more healthy friendships, and stop giving them the satisfaction of feeling superior by having "cronies" that just join along in their poor behaviour to be a part of the "cool kids".

I don't feel that our school has an adequate plan, or any plan at all to deal with bullying, nor do I feel that my daughter bringing this to the attention of her teacher is helpful either, as this seems to centre her out more than make the bullies aware of the effects of their behaviour.

The bullies in question fit the typical description, and their behaviour seems to be the root of parents that encourage that type of behaviour because it makes them seem more powerful, are not educated on the subject, not disciplined and/or supervised regularly to see the behaviour, are spoiled at home, or simply don't care because it's not their child that is affected.

Considering this is a very small community where most families and parents know each other, parents in a sense bully each other, by banding together, and simply agree with the ideologies and morals,(or lack there of) of their parental peers because it is the popular opinion or don't want to have opposing views, it is likely more difficult to effectively get the message through to parents that this is a serious problem, and to make them care about the issue.

Since the school has such a small population, in many cases, it is difficult for her to avoid these students, however, if there is a system, program, or consequences associated with this behaviour, we may be able to work toward making our school a "Bully Free Zone".

I wish to remain anonymous at this time, for the sake of my daughter's safety, however, on a behind the scene's level, I would very much like to provide my input and ideas."
[Parent] "This school has been very active to stop bullying. I believe they should be recognized for that."
[Parent] "the school is full of bullies"
[Other] "The bullying in this particular school is absolutely out of hand. The Faculty and Staff do not take any preventative measures to end bullying. If a child is being bullied in this school, anyone who has the power to help, turns a blind eye. The head master of the school is the only person willing, but he is only one person. The students need to be seriously educated about this very important issue. A simple slap on the wrist does not suffice. They will not punish a child who's parents donate large sums of money every year. For such an expensive school, the way this school avoids dealing with this subject is embarrassing."
[Parent] "There is a lot of bullying going on at ***, some of it perpetuated by the teachers who just don't want to bother with dealing with it or, in their arrogance, feel that forcing children, who have a years-long history of one victimizing another, to "work together" on everything. Even after Bill 157 was introduced and protocols for reporting were set, they have been ignored by the teachers to whom the reports have been made. Please join this group so the right people can be aware of the things that are happening at the school and something can be done about it. The school website, board website and board email are all not being accepted by this site."
[Parent] "This Program would help you control the bullying that is happening in your school that you refuse to admit is happening. Join the program and show that you are wanting to control the situation."
[Parent] "I think every resource is worth having, please join to provide another resource for children to contact you when they need help."
[Parent] "We would like a resource for our children to feel safe and report bullying behaviour."
[Parent] "Our school has a on-going problem with bullying and the students need to have a safe place to report the bullying!"
[Parent] "Please join to introduce this program in your school and neighbourhood..."
[Other] "There is a HUGE bullying issue at this school. There is a group/gang that consistently harass/assault/threaten many children on a daily basis and these kids are afraid to speak up as they have seen that nothing gets done and their bullying gets worse after it has been reported. A few of these kids have been suspended multiple times for similar reasons, why are they back at the school to bully again? Please allow this site so the kids who are being bullied have a voice and can be heard without fear of the bullying getting worse. Thank you."
[Parent] "Too much bullying goes on and the students feel there is no where to turn."
[Parent] "my son is being bullied constantly and the school is not taking this seriously !!! what can i do."
[Other] "As a grandparent of two students at ***, and a school bus driver, I consider this to be a worthwhile venture."
[Other] "too many kids are being bullied, they must be stopped and as a school in whole, you are on the front line...please help the children..."
[Other] "In light of recent events...something must be done. Please take action against bullying."
[Parent] "Please join this site, it would most certainly be good for ALL the students."
[Parent] "This program would be the best thing to help all the bullying that is happening in our school. Please take a look at it and hope this can resolve the bullying."
[Student] "You need to get your student body involved in stopping senseless bullies. Do it now, before someone gets hurt, or hurts themselves."
[Parent] "No one, child or adult, should have their self esteem or confidence violated. Bully's need to be taught self confidence and those being bullied need to learn to stand up for themselves."
[Parent] "please join, thank you"
[Parent] "Too many lives lost to bullying - in the area and in general. Just one more option for kids, their parents and others who care"
[Parent] "Please join this wonderful website. Finally a safe and anonymous site where our kids can help put a stop to bullying and have a safe haven to report it."
[Parent] "I believe every school should have this program."
[Parent] "This needs to be considered. There is too much of this going on in schools."
[Parent] "More people have to stand up for this and I hope that this school definitely considers it, because it needs to."
[School Staff] "This is probably a very good idea, even for schools that do not think there is a problem! The worst bullying is that which is hidden. This service can only make our school a safer and more receptive place."
[Other] "Please help stop bullying."
[Student] "Stop Bullying"
[Parent] "This has been an ongoing issue at this school. Although steps have been made by school administration to try and address these issues, the problem still persists and many students do not feel safe."
[Parent] "Please read this and join. Bullying needs to stop."
[Student] "we have a great system but sometimes its not enough."
[Parent] "Why are you afraid to join the program when you know bullying is going on in the school?"
[Student] "I think that this website would be very benificial for my school. It could give students a place to report a problem without being targetted and harrasseed."
[Parent] "My son started out his grade 9 career being called a cat rapist because of his love of cats."
[Parent] "This is a strong tool to help reduce bullying. Please accept this request."
[Student] "im bullied at school... and I need help... please help..."
[Parent] "I think this program would benefit the school and the community greatly!! We should get on board!!"
[Parent] "Please join this program, I think it will make a difference!"
[Parent] "I am a parent of a student who is always bullied . I think it's time to have an assembly with all the kids in the school and discuss bullying. how it hurts the kids who are getting bullied and for the ones who are doing the bullying . one day they will get into trouble for doing that. so we have to stop it now. .. start making posters and put them in the school. let the kids know when they are bullying another child they will have consequence."
[Parent] "This a very important step towards putting an end to bullying in all Canadian schools. All children should have access to help!"
[Parent] "I think this program would be useful as part of an anti bullying program that our school needs."
[Parent] "I feel that this is a much needed program in all schools. My son was a victim of bullying for several years and nothing was done about it, even when brought to the attention of the (former) principal."
[Student] "As the student president of *** school, I think that making sure all of the student body is and feels safe and happy within school hours. Also from my own experiences I find that our school would much benefit from this program and website thank you."
[Parent] "*** should join and become part of the solution. Action speaks louder than words."
[Parent] "I believe this is a great website and as a parent I wanted to pass it along in hopes that it may be a useful tool if any bullying occurs at ***.  I would love to get a parent group together in support of this cause."
[Parent] "My daughter will be entering high school soon and I need to know she has a safe place to turn, besides her parents, if there is bullying going and she doesn't know what to do."
[Parent] "I think every school in Canada should be a part of this program. Children need a safe place to report bullying!"
[Parent] "This a safe place for students and parents to report a bully and to know they are not the only ones suffering."
[Parent] "I believe that there is a real problem in *** with Bullying....I think the kids of our school could really benefit from a program like this!"
[Parent] "We are better in numbers to stand up against bullying."
[Parent] "I am a parent of a child at *** in which I experienced bullying with my child, I think it is extremely important to bring all the possible awareness to the children and all faculty. My son was being bullied and it was not even noticed on the school grounds during lunches, breaks. Luckily my child spoke to me and was comfortable telling me what was happening and after severe measures I can say I have not had any problems to date or this school year."
[Parent] "Please make students aware this program exists."
[Parent] "Kindness and caring seem lost on the children of today when you find out how many kids are bullied. Not just teased...regularly and horribly bullied. Kids these days seem to believe the harsher they are to each other the cooler it is. Whatever the reasons behind it, there is no excuse for anyone to treat another person with such disregard and cruelty. Not all acts of bullying are overtly violent or extreme, but no less harmful or damaging. No child should experience this. Or get away with it."
[Parent] "I think it is important for our school to be a part of this organization Thank you from a concerned parent."
[Parent] "This would provide a safe way to report bullying issues without fear of embarrassment or retribution."
[Parent] "School is very good with promoting kindness....would love to see this campaign in every school."
[Other] "Bullying at this school needs to be addressed."
[Parent] "I think this would be a great program for this school to take. Many kids would benefit from it."
[Parent] "Please support this daughter needs to have this outlet! We are letting the bullies win at this school."
[Parent] "There is ongoing bullying at this school and although the administrative staff try to control it, it seems to be out of control. There are so many occurrences that happen during recess when there is minimal supervision and before and after school. I have 2 daughters...both subject to bullying by different bullies. then need support at *** School!!"
[Other] "I am the RCMP School Liaison for this school and feel this would be a great program for the school"
[Parent] "I am trying to spread the word on bullying in our childrens lives. I think this is a wonderful website! Please join me and help our kids to put a stop to bullying as well as a safe, anonymous place for our kids to report bullying."
[Parent] "Principals who are confident will sign up for Stop A Bully as a public demonstration that they care for the kids who are victimized in their school and are willing to do the hard work to stop children bullying as youth so they don't become adult bullies in the future.
[Student] "Please I have been serious hurt by a bully to the point I was hospitalized cause of his actions. Please make the school a safe place!"
[School Staff] "We would like to continue with having a small incidence of bullying which reinforces our Respect and Protect program."

[Student] "Even though that it's a great school, there are some students who feel down about themselves. Such as racial slurs, threats, or more. It would be a pleasure of having you guys in here."

[Parent] "I've noticed that this school is not on your list. I highly recommend them doing something like this at there school. My sister who is only ten recently moved to away to go to another school because of bullying! My own kids have to go to this school someday and I do not want to watch them go through what my sister has."
[Parent] "My 6 year old has had numerous incidents of bullying by her classmates. The teacher is on board and trying to help, but it would be nice for there to be more of a focus on it throughout the school."
[Parent] "I am aware that there is a lot of bullying going on at my daughter's school and would like to see this initiative implemented."
[Parent] "I notice that there is no facility for the kids to anonymously report bullying or links to support services on the school website. I think membership to this organization would be a benefit. This school goes from grade 7-12 and the younger students have quite a tough transition that is only aggravated by bullying."
[Parent] "One of the reasons bullying is an out of control issue is due to lack of reporting. Please consider this resource as a tool to help give our students a voice."
[Parent] "You have a major bullying problem that you all choose to ignore! do something about it now before its too late."
[Parent] "My children have gone to this great school for the past 8 years. Only this year have I noticed and realized the extent of the problem, with regards to the students respect level towards each other. Municipal Police have just recently had to attend and meet certain female students because the verbal abuse became physical abuse. Please reach out to them."
[Parent] "I think this would be a good initiative for your school!"
[Parent] "Help stop school bullies. Yes it is an issue - its an Issue in every school"
[Parent] "I feel the school would benefit from having a program like this in place. A lot of kids are too scared or embarrassed to tell someone they are being bullied, for fear it will cause more bullying. Thank you."
[Parent] "Both my children have been victims of bullying at this school"
[Parent] "Awareness needs to go out loud and clear to ask parents to step up to it!!!! Bullying is every where please please please send out a special document,,,, create a stop bullying month etc.... do something, there isn't even enough posters up in the school to raise awareness"
[Student] "This school has a horrible bullying problem, and no teachers or faculty never seem to care, or help the problem. I say this as a student witnessing bullying."
[Parent] "Please join. This is very important!!!!!!"
[Parent] "my daughters were getting bullied in school. It is better for them now...but i still see it happening...please let everyone be more aware!"
[Parent] "This school experiences a high level of inter-racial conflict. Racial bullying is violent and common."
[Parent] "This sounds like an excellent program I believe a lot of parents would like to see implemented. The anonymity of reporting is key in its success."
[Parent] "There is a lot of negative peer pressures at our school and leaves the victim powerless. As a attempt to give the student a voice and not afraid to try new things because of peer pressures. The best is if we can be ourselves and not worry about what people think. Everyone's opinion should be valued not necessarily acted upon."
[Parent] "This is a real problem in our school - not sure if this will help but anything is worth a try"
[Parent] "I heard that some of your School high authority figures which at this time no name will be mentioned are promoting bully's activity by protecting bullies and punishing their victims. Given them no other alternative to escape the daily nightmare they have to suffer and go thru for a decent education. Step needs to be taken to rectify this situation. In the incapability of doing so, these authority figures should resign. Bullying need to stop now! If no result come from the school board the next alternative will be to get the media involve in the practice of your school."
[Parent] "my child was bullied in jk by a 10 year old from the same school and it took me 3 months to find out anything about it even knowing to the day when it happened & the school denying anything and protecting the bully's rights..and it took 9 months for my child to get back on the bus...we need to make a difference, get educated and teach our children to open up about what happens at school, learn to trust their teachers and parents to not be afraid to tell, teach parents how to approach the problem so 'we' can help the best way we can..."
[Parent] "This is a good way show the kids that the school will take bullying and the safety of the victim seriously."
[Parent] "What a great idea! Hopefully our school will join and make this a non-issue for our community."
[Parent] "Be a good parent, please let us be adults ,don't put us down for what is right, that we believe bullies need to be expelled before the kill a child! My child/children deserve better. A life!"
[Parent] "I thinks as adults, it is our responsibility to do anything that can help stop bullying."
[Parent] "This will only work if the staff take it seriously lets see if they'll step up to the plate!"
[Parent] "They have a "no tolerance" policy but don't do anything when a student complains of bullying going on!"
[Other] "I am a Grand Parent of 4 children who attend *** High School, i worry every day about these matters ,please sent info to school and ask them to join, I'm not positive of the email address, please, try to find it, and put it in here, I appreciate this, please enroll *** IN THE BULLY Report program. Thank You."
[Parent] "My children have come home and got off the bus just bawling because of the treatment from other students. Rarely is anything done about it. I would like to see the responsible adults at that school do something about it so my kids can come home like other kids do - happy!"
[Parent] "The school has had some serious bullying instances as recently as this year. Much more needs to be done. It carries over into after school events and community sports/activities as well."
[Parent] "Its pretty pathetic when a young Muslim high school girl in our city of *** feels the need to stop wearing her hijab out of fear of bullying. I would have expected more from ***!"
[Parent] "My son has been bullied at this school for 2 years now with no help from the teachers or the principal. Bullying was such a huge issue with our grade 7 class last year that the teacher took medical leave because of it."
[Parent] "I've reported 3 separate incidences of bullying to our school principle. The last occurrence dated *** has prompted me to write a formal letter to the principle of this school and forward it to the *** School Division. When I asked about their (*** School) Anti-bullying Program I was told that they don't have one and they don't see a need for one. This is appalling and it's time to step up and take action."
[Parent] "Please help our school. Bullying is a big issue for the intermediate grades, and I don't feel like it's being dealt with efficiently as a parent. Any resources would be helpful. Thank you so much!"
[Student] "I hope we can become part of this program."
[Parent] "need to make sure my son is no longer bullied"
[Student] "Saw my friend being kicked and punched. My friend left the school last year because of her bullying."
[Parent] "i think this school is a joke and push bullying issues aside something needs to be done!"
[Parent] "I think this is a great service/tool that is being offered and I believe this school (students and parents) could greatly benefit from it. There have been numerous instances at the school in which a tool such as this may have provided an opportunity to resolve the problem before it got out of hand. I hope the school will consider the benefits of providing as many resources possible to help put an end to bullying. While I recognize the potential for mis-use, I think in this case the benefits would out-weigh the risks. If it can help even one child, it will have been successful."
[Parent] "As a mum of two very young girls I am so happy to see a site and program like this....with enough of us writing... the schools, administrators, teachers, politicians will listen."
[School Staff] "We have a link on our website to Stop a Bully already."
[Parent] "I just think every school could use the extra support."