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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

The Stop A Bully website is a reporting service for students, parents and members of the public to submit details of violence and harassment in Canadian schools to the Principal of their school.  Member schools are responsible to ensure Incident Report notifications pass through their internal email system properly. If a Principal, or school representative, chooses to view an Incident Report they must ensure all details within a report are valid and never reveal the identity or any information about the person who submitted the report or the website source used to submit the report.  Principals must at all times ensure to assist all people involved within a report including the perpetrators, victims and witnesses.  Principals, school representative or staff should never reveal the identity or any information about the submitter of a report or the website.  Stop A Bully is in no way involved in the incidents that are submitted through this website.  Visitors to the site may submit information through a Support Letter or School Request, this information may or may not be posted publicly on the website.  Information submitted through an Incident Report will never posted on the website, it will only be forwarded to the email address of the specific school.  Visitors who submit an anonymous School Request to have their school join Stop A Bully will have the request forwarded to that particular school. Stop A Bully may post the anonymous comment to allow others to see comments requesting schools to join this program.  Stop A Bully does not provide students with any counselling services other than referring them to speak with their parents or school staff.  Any visitor who submits a bully report must agree that all details in the report are truthful, any false reporting may be traced to their IP address or school account and held accountable.  Specific details from Incident Reports will be used to collect anonymous statistics on the age group, type of bullying, etc. to provide the public with key details of bullying within Canadian schools.

Since Stop A Bully is a public site it has no control of the information submitted by it's users, and since Stop A Bully makes no representations concerning any endeavor to review the user submissions, contents of sites listed, or any of the materials ;Stop A Bully isn't responsible for the accuracy of the information.  It is always the responsibility of the school who receives a Incident Report to verify the details reported and then decide who best to proceed. Stop A Bully makes every effort to forward all Incident Reports to the Principal of the school but at times may need to rely on other school or district staff to relay the information to the Principal, Stop A Bully is not be able to verify that this information is forwarded to the proper school official.  When an Incident Report is sent to a Principal Stop A Bully cannot guarantee that the Principal received it, read it or will act up on the information provided.  Stop A Bully makes every best effort to send Incident Reports to Principals but has no control if a Principal, from either a member school or non-member school, does not read an Incident Report.  When a report is marked as sent to the school it does not ensure that the Principal has read the report.  Stop A Bully staff filter all school join requests and bully reports to protect against spammers and any issues which may require out-of-school time attention.  Stop A Bully has the right to refuse any parent request or bully report submission which is deemed inappropriate.  All schools who accept a bully report must treat each in a professional manner.  School officials need to take into consideration the needs of all students including the witness, victim and perpetrator when discussing the details and source of the information.   Any individuals or organization who donates to Stop A Bully may opt-out at any time of future services or information.

Confidentiality is fully committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of all individuals and schools who use this service to submit and receive Incident Reports.  This website may contain links to other web sites. Upon entering other sites, you are subject to the privacy and security policies of those sites. This policy identifies the privacy practices of the site only.

Personal information that has been submitted through an Incident Report is secure information.  This information  will only be processed by staff and provided directly to the school officials of that specific school.  Incident Report information will not be shared with any other group.  In the case that information contains information of a young person in imminent danger or involved in possible illegal behaviour the details may also have to be passed to authorities for immediate action with notification also to the school.  Stop A Bully staff filter all school join requests and Incident Reports to protect against spammers and any issues which may require out-of-school time attention.  It is always the responsibility of the school who receives an Incident Report to verify the details reported and then decide who best to proceed. gathers general trend data concerning traffic on the website for statistical analysis. We also anonymously capture information about how users interact with our site and what pages they visit. This information is used for auditing and tracking purposes and to improve the content of the Site. The data we collect is used both collectively and individually for website research to create a better service.


REPORT DISCLAIMER: The information below is the details of a bully report submitted for your school through the Stop A Bully website.  This information is intended only for the use of the school Principal or individual to which it is addressed and contains information that is privileged and confidential.  If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient or the employee or agent responsible for delivering the message to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this record is strictly prohibited. It the sole decision of the school staff if and any action is required as a result of the information of this report.   Stop A Bully has no legal association with the actions or lack thereof within a school from this information.   A school which receives a report is under no obligation to act upon the information and it is completely their professional decision how to use it.   It is the responsibility of the school to investigate the accuracy of every bully report and then take the steps necessary to stop further incidents of harassment.  It is recommended that if staff choose to act on this information that the reporting source of this information be kept in confidence.   Stop A Bully always encourages schools find a resolution which accounts for the needs of all students involved in the reported incident including all witnesses, targets and perpetrators of school harassment.  Schools must agree to treat reports in a professional and confidential manner and respect the person who submitted if they have requested to remain anonymous.  This report should be considered confidential and school staff should ensure it only shown to school administration or counselor who are directly involved in this incident.  Stop A Bully strictly provides a safe online reporting service and has not had previous or future involvement in dealing with the reported incident or subsequent actions.