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Registered Bullying Prevention Program


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On May 7, 2009 there was a bullying incident at a small school in British Columbia, Canada where a brave student had to go to an enormous amount of trouble just to give the school staff a 'heads up' as to what was going on. As a result of this incident and the subsequent shock that there was no such bullying reporting system a teacher from that school launched STOP A BULLY four days later. STOP A BULLY allows ANY student in Canada who is witness to serious bullying at school or online to be able to report it safely to school officials.

Since its launch in 2009 STOP A BULLY has received tremendous attention and support from students, parents, schools, youth organizations and police departments across Canada. In April 2012 we were invited to Canada's capital to testify to the Senate Committee on Human Rights who are reporting on strategies to combat cyberbullying.

Stop A Bully is a registered national charity which allows any student in Canada who is a victim or witness of severe bullying to be able to safely report the details to school officials without risk of becoming a target themselves.   The Stop A Bully program helps increase bullying awareness & accountability within schools to allow officials to be more proactive in preventing serious incidents of bullying.  Stop A Bully provides schools with critical information to be proactive in helping all students involved in school bullying - witness, target and perpetrator.














STOP A BULLY  Timeline

2009 (May 7) School bullying incident initiates a B.C. teacher to create Stop A Bully and launches four days later.
2011 (Aug 15) Stop A Bully is registered as a national non-profit organization with full Board of Directors.
2012 (Feb) Stop A Bully is listed in one of the recommendations to the government in the major Nova Scotia Cyberbullying Report.
2012 (Apr 30) Stop A Bully testifies at the Senate Committee of Human Rights for the Federal Government Cyberbullying Report.
2012 (Sept 18) Stop A Bully receives Letter of Support from Senator Harb
2012 (Sept) NHK Japan TV travels to schools in Quebec and British Columbia to film a documentary on successes of Stop A Bully.
2012 (Oct) Founding teacher of Stop A Bully receives the Prime Minister's Teaching Award
2012 (Oct 30) Senator Nancy Greene Raine stands to speak of Stop A Bully in the Canadian Senate
2012 (Nov 5) Press Release:  New custom reporting software to handle growth of Stop A Bully
2012 (Dec) Stop A Bully receives its first sponsor of Anbrook Industries
2013 (Feb) Press Release:  CN Sponsorship
2013 (Feb) Press Release:  CIBC Sponsorship to support the PINK WRIST Campaign
2013 (Apr) Community Foundation of the South Okanagan provides support to STOP A BULLY
2013 (May) TELUS supports Stop A Bully's PINK WRIST Campaign
2013 (Aug) STOP A BULLY launches national PINK WRIST Campaign  View: WEBSITE | PHOTO OF LAUNCH  |  VIDEO
2014 (Feb)  Press Release:  Pink Shirt Day

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Stop A Bully was developed by a B.C. teacher in 2009 over a 4-day period when a student was on suspension for an assault that had taken place.



"From destroying my art projects, pushing me in the hallways, name calling, and even stooping so low as to placing feces on my locker; I felt sick to my stomach each and every day I was made to go to school..." Submitted by Bre

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[Parent Join Request] "I think every school in Canada should be a part of this program. Children need a safe place to report bullying!"

[Parent Join Request] "As a mum of two very young girls I am so happy to see a site and program like this....with enough of us writing... the schools, administrators, teachers, politicians will listen."

[Other Join Request] "I am the RCMP School Liaison for this school and feel this would be a great program for the school"

[Student Join Request] "Please I have been serious hurt by a bully to the point I was hospitalized cause of his actions. Please make the school a safe place!"

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"Stop A Bully has allowed us to be pro-active as opposed to reactive.  Typically, we are usually the last ones to find out about bullying...Students often times endure bullying because they hope it will go away and/or they fear the outcome may be retaliation if they speak up!  This reporting system allows the victim, the friends of the victim and/or the parents to report the situation to the school administration.  From the report, we are often able to gather initial information that assists us in following through with the matter...Thanks for your wonderful website that has enabled us to create awareness and an opportunity to address bullying.  All secondary schools should have an anonymous reporting program."

Julie Rousseau, Principal

Rick Hansen Secondary School (Abbotsford, B.C.)




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