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Registered Bullying Prevention Program


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STOP A BULLY is a registered national charity and Canada-wide anti-bullying program developed in 2009 by a B.C. teacher which allows any student who is a victim or witness of bullying and cyberbullying to be able to safely report the details to school officials.   Any student, at any school in Canada, can use this reporting service which is provided at no cost to all students and schools.  The Stop A Bully program helps increase bullying awareness accountability within schools to allow officials to be more proactive in preventing serious incidents of bullying.  Stop A Bully provides schools with critical information to be proactive in assisting all students who are witness, target and perpetrator of school bullying.


STOP A BULLY strives to promote and enhance social wellness among youth by empowering them to address bullying. STOP A BULLY is committed to providing any student, parent or educator opportunity to report bullying and cyberbullying in a safe and anonymous manner by giving them an effective online reporting system. STOP A BULLY aims to enhance and foster a schools ability to address bullying incidents in a proactive and timely manner by providing detailed reports of bullying incidents, as well as education and prevention strategies.


STOP A BULLY  Timeline

2009 (May 7) School bullying incident initiates a B.C. teacher to create Stop A Bully and launches four days later.
2011 (Aug 15) Stop A Bully is registered as a national non-profit organization with full Board of Directors.
2012 (Feb) Stop A Bully is listed in one of the recommendations to the government in the major Nova Scotia Cyberbullying Report.
2012 (Apr 30) Stop A Bully testifies at the Senate Committee of Human Rights for the Federal Government Cyberbullying Report.
2012 (Sept 18) Stop A Bully receives Letter of Support from Senator Harb
2012 (Sept) NHK Japan TV travels to schools in Quebec and British Columbia to film a documentary on successes of Stop A Bully.
2012 (Oct) Founding teacher of Stop A Bully receives the Prime Minister's Teaching Award
2012 (Oct 30) Senator Nancy Greene Raine stands to speak of Stop A Bully in the Canadian Senate
2012 (Nov 5) Press Release:  New custom reporting software to handle growth of Stop A Bully
2012 (Dec) Stop A Bully receives its first sponsor of Anbrook Industries
2013 (Feb) Press Release:  CN Sponsorship
2013 (Feb) Press Release:  CIBC Sponsorship to support the PINK WRIST Campaign
2013 (Apr) Community Foundation of the South Okanagan provides support to STOP A BULLY
2013 (May) TELUS supports Stop A Bully's PINK WRIST Campaign
2013 (Aug) STOP A BULLY launches national PINK WRIST Campaign  View: WEBSITE | PHOTO OF LAUNCH  |  VIDEO

 STOP A BULLY  Member Schools across Canada

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 STOP A BULLY  Anti-Bullying Pink Wristbands Distributed

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No student can be helped (witness, target or perpetrator) until the school has the information. Student Safety must be the TOP PRIORITY.

Stop A Bully program details:

- Provides schools/students with a safe & anonymous Bullying Reporting System
- Increases bullying awareness & accountability within the school
- Allows schools to be proactive in addressing bullying before more serious incidents occur
Empowers students to become active participants in reducing bullying in their schools
- Provides schools with anti-bullying materials (posters, front door decal, cards & more)
- Available for any Canadian student when they need to report severe school bullying


Stop A Bully is developed and funded by a B.C. teacher and needs sponsors to continue growing.



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