Monday, July 28, 2014

Registered Bullying Prevention Program


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Take Action to STOP A BULLY

Recognize Bullying!

Increase your understanding & awareness of bullying behaviour and its effects.   Recognize when you or someone you know is being bullied and take steps to make it stop.

Refuse to be a Bully Bystander!

Most bullying will not occur if the bully does not have an "audience"...

    • DO NOT Laugh if Someone is Being Teased
    • DO NOT Go Watch a School Fight
    • DO NOT Participate in Sending Hurtful Messages
    • DO NOT Allow Students to be Singled Out
    • DO NOT Laugh at Inappropriate Jokes
    • DO NOT Forward Private Messages to Others
    • DO NOT Participate in Spreading Rumours
    • DO NOT Stand By and Do Nothing
    • DO NOT Be a Bully Bystander!

All students have the right to feel safe at school - if you are a victim of witness to bullying stand up and take the action required to ensure it does not continue. 

Report Bullying!

If you are a victim of witness to school bullying, Report It!   Talk to your parent, talk to a friend, talk to a teacher, talk to the counsellor, talk to the Principal or Report it Anonymously at Stop A Bully.   Tell someone so action can be taken to make the bullying stop.